Perfumes of Rarotonga

Rarotonga made perfumes, body care, natural coconut soap and oils from the Cook Islands

Perfumes of Rarotonga bring you the very best in hand made perfumes, natural coconut oils and coconut oil soaps. All our products are made in Rarotonga and capture the very essence of the Cook Islands in floral perfumes and the premium scents. Our Frangipani, Gardenia and Jasmine have a simple freshness associated with the early morning sun rise. Later in the day the essences of Pearl of Paradise and Queen of the Night have a more complex and exotic scent that stimulates the imagination.

Coconut is the tree of life in this region and has been revered throughout history. It is part of the culture in so many ways. Our coconut oil soap is hand made with 100% coconut oil which means it is rich in natural glycerine and so very good for the skin. All testing is done on ourselves - hence we are clean and sweet smelling people! You can combine our natural soap with many of perfumes.

We developed a range of body care products like the hand and body lotion, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner which are also combined with a selection of our perfumes and now you have the ability to immerse yourselves in Rarotonga emotions.

If you've been to the Cook Islands - then relive your visit. If you haven't - then you can just imagine and be drawn by the perfume that is Rarotonga

SORRY DUE TO POSTAL RESTRICTIONS we can no longer post our perfumes. We can ship all our oils, perfume oils, toiletries but sorry - no perfumes. If you are interested in a bulk shipment we can certainly enquire for you. Products indicated with "Call for Prices" are those affected.